Adding text to video with color contrasting with the background

Hi Everybody,

I'm absolute new in this site and would like to give a thumbs up to the kdenlive dev team and the community at the very outset. This is going to be my first post.

I would want to add text effects into my videos. The color of the texts should be contrasting to the background i.e. if the bg color is dark the text color should become kind of white/light and if the background is light the text color should become dark. How do I achieve this feat my frenz?

I have few more issues with rendering.... it crashes at the end of rendering... I will raise this topic in the proper section.


I always add an outline to my text so that the color of the video does not matter. Usually I use the "Dynamic Text" filter and set the following parameters:
Foreground color: white
Background color: transparent
Outline Color: black
Outline Width: 2 pixels