Weird error, Not a valid project file %i

I just installed brand new Linux Mint 14 w/ Mate and I used sunab's repo, deb quantal main, to install kdenlive. Every time I open kdenlive I get the following error; "File /home/daniel/%i is not a Kdenlive Project File".
It's very irritating, can anyone inform me how to get rid of it? I have tried to rerun the config wizard and also looked into the kdenlive settings.

On a side not, how do I enable libx264 rendering? When I was using Ubuntu 10.04.4 I enabled the medibuntu repo I believe to get the "-"-extras" libraries enabled for ffmpeg. What do I now that I am in Linux Mint 14 w/ Mate? Thanks

The "is not a Kdenlive Project File" error message probably pops up because you have enabled the "Open last project on startup" in Kdenlive Settings > Misc, and something is corrupted in your Kdenlive config file.

Either try to uncheck the "Open last project on startup" option, or delete your kdenlive config file: $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdenliverc

For the x264 rendering, not sure but how it works with mint, but Ubuntu Quantal provides libav*-extra packages and also a x264 package...