Work with a large number of files

I should work with a big size projects (home video). Approximately on 50 files, with a general duration of 60 minutes.
1) I load all files on timeline
2) each even file I move for the second line
3) I insert transitions
4) I displace all files on first and second lines for overlay with each other and transitions
This monotonous and confused work takes a lot of time. Besides there is still other work on viewing and processing of files. Whether it is possible to make so that odd and even files were automatically distributed between the first and second line and there was overlay (crossing) at each other?
Or advise how to simplify my work?

I think it like this. I transfer all necessary clips to the first Videoline. There I edit each clip. After that I select the necessary edited clips on the first Videoline, I press the right button of a mouse, I choose " Break in the Lines" menu. In the appeared window select transition type, transition duration. Further the script automatically places and combines clips in the first and second Videolines.