How can I get a similar Title effect

Hi all

Please have a look at the beginning of this video :

How can I get a similar effect for my titles ? Can I do this with kdenlive ?



seems that effect is part of frei0r plugins
I installed it from ubuntu repositories but I'm not able to find anything in kdenlive

What version do you have prius?

Should be in the distort group of effects. Installing Kdenlive installs frie0r.

I have the 0.9.2 version. In the distortor group, I have something like : Distortor, optic distortion, mirror, ondulation and pixelize

some news.

Seems that kdenlive cannot do similar effect (in 3D). but blender can...check the tutorial here :

The song in this video is so calm...

At 0:38 seconds, we see the name Jean Baptiste CHANDELIER bluring in and out. Kdenlive can do this kind od thing?