No letters in the menu after creating a DVD in the DVD guide...

After running the dvd guide and i see the iso video in fx the VLC player or others. the menu text disapers. I only see the background colour.
Im running Ubuntu 12.04 on a ACER desktop. I used the version 0.8 and tryed to upgrade to 0.9 but its stil the same.

Hope you can help me..



This problem still exists in version 0.9.2 with Ubuntu 12.04 .
I added a note in the bugtracker in issue 0001545.
Does other people also have this problem?

I also have this problem Ubuntu 12.04, 0.9.2

I have the same. Plus, when dragging the mouse over the menu, I get orange blocks, and can play, using VLC.

Kxstudio 12.04, kdenlive 0.92.

Same problem with kdenlive 0.9.2 and Kubuntu 12.04.
I tried changing the font and colors, but it is the same. I see only color blocks with no text.

Should now be fixed in current git, please confirm when you can test (fix is not yet in sunab's experimental version, will be in the next update).

Thanks j-b-m.
I will test this in a few days because I'm working on a few films now and I don't wont to mess up my projects by upgrading to a new version :-)

Ok, I can confirm that this bug is solved.
I tested this with Totem, VLC, harddisk-multimediaplayer and with a dvd-player.
Thanks so much for this wonderful and amazing program.


I'm sorry, but I'm a new user of kdenlive and I have the same problem on fedora 17 with the Version 0.9.2. Can you help me please I don't know what I need to do for solving the problem.

Thank You

You could try installing 0.9.3 from Suanbs PPA

However, based on a thread running right now there may be some major crashing issues with the build available from it.

So other options would be to wait to 0.9.3 to be offically released or to build 0.9.3 from the build script., or wait and see if sunabs repository gets a version that does not crash.


Thank you for your answers, But after the download from I tried to start start-kdenlive from the console but I get this message: Way to run = Normal
running kdenlive
./start-kdenlive: line 224: /home/jacques/kdenlive-test/kdenlive/./bin/kdenlive:

if Someone have an idea ?

Thank you

I've got the same problem, no letters in the menu ...
Debian Wheezy / kdenlive 0.9.2

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I am running OpenSuse 12.2, 64 bits on a brand new i7 CPU and I have the same issue too.
Kdenlive version is 0.9.2, KDE version is 4.8., creating the menu shows the letters on the background but after the iso is burned the places where
the text should be are empty.
starting the dvd in VLC shows a orange block when you hoover the mouse over on the place where the text should be.
Clicking this orange block starts the right part of the movie.
I have created two screenshots of this the first is called dvd-menu-in-kdenlive.png and shows the layout as it is in the kdenlive wizard.
the second screenshot dvd-menu-in-vlc.png shows how it looks like in VLC.