This is the city in which I live.
I do not know English so please forgive me for using PROMPT.


edit: embed

You could run the stabilize from the project tree over the clips of the houses. Unless the shaking look is what you are going for. !

I can not watch this in the UK. It says:-

"This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds"


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Stabilization runs, but something went wrong, so we left without ... probably did something wrong ...

Sorry it's you, right in Germany can not be used to look out for the sound ... sorry, I'm now trying to see first whether the right to a sound, and then use, but does not always work .... Unfortunaly 

This video belongs to my son. He went to the first class.

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This is a friend from St. Petersburg visiting us)

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My niece is playing .... it was fun, did not do much just picked up a little)

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