Automask Kdenlive


recently i started using kdenlive and it's really simple and powerful. However i have a clip where i want to add the automask effect and i can't make it to work.

I added the effect, i marked the area i want to be masked at the start of the clip and i gave debug unchecked and obscure checked.
The obscure effect appears ok in the video but doesn't follow the object, it just stay where i drew the rectangle.

I would except the automask to have a keyframe and to ask you to mark what you want to automask in this keyframe and then the effect would follow it in the rest of the clip.

Thank you

Hi, I aggree - I am writing a manual for kdenlive aimed at political activists: the automask does not seem to be "auto" at all - while it is adverstised as tracking, there is no movement at all so far as I can see. There is also no keyframe feature to alow specifrication of length of the mask, it just applies to all of the clip. I have figured you can apply the mask to a title clip set at transparance with a composite transition and you can specify timelength that way. Its a bit longwinded though.

Any one got the skills to update this feature?

Hm, I've tried it (compile from 20121205, Version 0.9.3 (rev. 0c33635)), and it works (mask follows the image content).

I've noticed one thing though, that could be confusing: the yellow rectangle in the GUI does NOT track (maybe is this intentional, for some "manual" function?)

But the blurred area does track whatever was in the yellow rectangle in the initial frame.

Of course, the tracked object must have some trackable contrasty details.

I just recently tried this too in a 0.9.3 build. I found it works but is not perfect. Also found that having projects with this sort of motion vector data in them seemed to be highly suceptable to causing Kdnelive to crash. But I could not work out any consistent behaviour to it.

Results are in the manual

i am still in 0.9.2 and don't have any of the options listed in the manual - I guess i need an upgrade.