No render when adding a title [solved]

I hope that this isn't a RTFM problem, because it is so basic, why should I be the first to encounter it?

The renderer produces a short invalid file as soon as I add a title clip.

The setup: Ubuntu 12.04, 64 bit, first with the "standard" kdenlive version (0.8.something) - I since updated to the sunab ppa, i.e. 0.9.4.

I start kdenlive from the command line using

export LANG=C; kdenlive

to get the english menus etc.

I add a clip and change the profile to the suggested one (depending on the resolution).
I pull the clip to the timeline (Video 2), expand the selected range to fit the entire clip, press "Render", "use selected zone", "render to file".
The rendered clip works perfectly.

I add a title clip, enter some text.
I put that clip on the timeline (Video 1) at position 0. kdenlive automatically adds the transition "Affine".
The "project monitor" shows the expected result: some text put over the clip.

I hit render...
The render finishes immediately. The resulting file is 0 bytes long.

The terminal output of the two renders looks quasi identical, except for the line "NULL item." before "//STARTING RENDERING:" in the second one.

The melt -version is 0.8.8.

I tried various input formats, various output formats, all with the same (i.e. no) result.

Any hints?


P.S.: It there a "thank you, developpers"-thread somewhere? :-)

Known issue that was fixed (apparently) in ver 0.9.4

Try rebooting after your upgrade

That would have been too easy. Some result. The renders aborts as soon as it tries to render the title clip.

I found in the man pages the KDENLIVE_RENDER_LOG variable, which produces a log file of your render.

If I start kdenlive like this:

  export KDENLIVE_RENDER_LOG=1 ; export LANG=C ; kdenlive

I get the attached log file.

As you can see there, It renders a few frames, then gets to the title and the progress counter stops.

The only "strange" thing in this log file IS the definition of the title:

  <kdenlivetitle width="1920" duration="125" height="1080" LC_NUMERIC="C">

The opening bracket is replaced by it html entity (<).

Just wondering... it would be nice to have it working.


Strange, your project (taken from log file) seems to render fine for me.
Can you please try to play your .kdenlive project file from a terminal using MLT's command line player:

melt myproject.kdenlive

It should play your project. Does it work? Then, can you try:

melt myproject.kdenlive -consumer avformat:test.mp4

It should create an mp4 file from your project file. Does it work?

On second thought, it looks like this bug:

Crash was caused by some unexplained crash triggered by OpenCV. Please try my workaround (delete or temporarily move the 2 problematic files) is the bug I was thinking of. Faulty memory though because I though it was fixed. But I guess not.

Success - as described in that link: after moving /usr/lib/frei0r-1/ out of the way, it renders without crash.

Thank you.