Help us to make kdenlive a star

Dear kdenlives,

we took part at a German "99fire film award" and are the first team which only use open source software. We love kdenlive and want to promote it and show others that you can be a winner. So please give us your vote and click the button "Jetzt abstimmen" directly left under the movie. You can use your facebook account to vote. If you don't understand German you should be careful :-)

Be sure that I will stress the importance of open source and kdenlive in film making if we will win the award (and of course also otherwise).

Best regards

Meinen Vote hast du.
Hab übrigens jetzt auch die 64-bit-Version installiert und bin gespannt, ob sie stabiler ist.
Viele Grüße aus Duisburg

Big Thanks to Rino for the first vote!

Doesn't seems like I can vote from Sweden...

I can't even play the video from Slovenia now. I could a few days back, but now it says

"Es tut uns leid. Aus rechtlichen Grunden ist dieses Video in deinen Land nich verfugbar" (the commercial runs)

Tried to give it a "google plus", but the confirmation window suddenly vanished, not sure I succeeded.

Congrats for hitting the top 99!
You've my vote ;)

Cannot play it in the UK either :-(