"pan and zoom" crops my clip at 100% after profile change [solved]

i'm working with a "pan and zoom" effect on a 1080p (i.e. 1920x1080) clip
i had my profile set to 1440x1080 at first, causing two black bands at the side of my project (or rather of the clip)
now i fixed my profile to 1080p, but even when my 'pan and zoom' keyframes are set to 100% and centered for x and y, the clip is offset
to the left, and is only partially visible. I've tried to tinker with it (mostly setting the width back to 1920px manually), but I can't get it right.
this is how it looks like: http://dieter.plaetinck.be/files/kdenlive-problem.png
that video in the project monitor has more content on the left, the right edge of the video looks fine (other than not being aligned to the yellow box)
so it looks like if it would just slide to the right, by the right amount, all would be fine.

any tips? thanks!

I'm using the very latest version from git, on arch linux 64bit.

ok figured it out.. the problem was another "pan and zoom" effect that was at 100% but still said 1440 wide.