Kdenlive 0.9.4 installed in Ubuntu 12.1 - No render options


I'm just upgraded to Ubuntu 12.1 - (latest verion) and installed Kdenlive 0.9.4 from the sofware center. The render options are all crossed out with a big X. I looked around various threads and found I needed to install libavcodec-extra-53. I did this but it didn't resolve the problem. I had previously installed it from the terminal following the instructions on this link


and using the alternate Sunab repository. That didn't work either. I don't know how to check if I have the right version of MLT installed, but it should be MLT 0.8.8.

Do I have to specify file paths in Kdenlive to locate the correct codecs or something. Any help would be appreciated.


Previous to the upgrade did you manually build ffmpeg or do you have or use previously any other repos like mediabuntu etc. It could be problems with ffmpeg incompatibility left over ffmpeg libraries not removed.

Actually I backed up by data, wiped the disc and did a fresh install, so nothing like that caused the problem. Thanks anyway

If you have unavailable render formats, after installing the libavcodec-extra you need to run the Kdenlive Config Wizard to detect codecs again. You can start it from the "Settings" menu.
You can check MLT's version in a terminal. Just type:

melt -version

If you still have missing codecs after that, I would recommand that you delete Kdenlive's config file: $HOME/.kde/sharre/config/kdenliverc, then remove all mlt and Kdenlive packages and reinstall them.