Render shrinks my clips

I'm trying to render my video, but I keep getting black border around it, it's like kdenlive scale down my clips.

I set the profile to
res. 1440 x 900
frame rate 24/1
display aspect ratio: 16:10
par 1 / 1

My clips have exact parameters, recorded via kdenlive grab screen. When I add newly rendered clip to project I can see the border in preview window. I tried different codecs, but always have the same result.

What I am doing wrong?


What are your source clips and what from?

As I mentioned, I recorded my desktop using kdenlive grab screen (full screen). I also used clips recorded with recordmydesktop (also full screen) and had the same thing going on. Clips fit perfectly with project settings, and I didn't use any crop or resize effects. Still, after rendering I get this black border around.

What version of kdenlive and what does mediainfo or ffprobe say about your source clips?

OK, I don't know what happened, but today I tried to do everything from scratch: record clips, set new profile, put everything together in a new project, and it worked! I don't know what happened, maybe old project file had some issues or it's just me being absolute novice in video editing ; ] Anyway, many thanks for support, and sorry for the commotion. Everything works perfectly now ;)