Deleting Time Period Across All Tracks

I have wasted over 20 hours trying to do what should be one of the easiest tasks. Part of the frustration is due to the fact that I have much training and experience with computer systems so it is hard to admit that I am real noob to kdenlive and ask for help. I know this question must have been answered (hundreds of times) before, so, ooops for asking it yet again!

How do I select a portion of a timeline (not individual clips), then delete the selected time period?

This is what I am doing:
I have exported the audio portion of a clip, enhanced the audio using audacity, and have successfully re-imported the audio clip back into the project. After having grouped the audio and original video clip, I have been fighting with "razor" deleting either part of the audio or video, but not both together, so they never line up. This procedure is relatively simple in Windows Movie Maker, but I am not a real fan of Microsoft and prefer to follow the Open Source concept (not proprietary stuff).

So to summarize, I want to select a few seconds in the middle of a project and deleted content across all the tracks. In other words, deleted out a few seconds from the entire video to be rendered.

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi Bruce,

Ok, this is how I would do it (may be other ways). I never use the razor tool, it's just not good for accuracy. Move the timeline cursor to the position where you want to cut. To get frame perfect I use the mouse wheel in the Project Monitor. Now right click on each of the clips and select 'cut clip'. Do the same for the next cut. You can now just select your unwanted clip and press delete or use 'shift and left click' to select the rectangular area and press delete.

I then use the spacer tool at the bottom to close the gap. I know the spacer tool has only an arrow pointing to the right, but it seems to work ok moving it left. (probably doing it all wrong :) )

Any tracks you don't want to move can be locked down with the pad lock at the start of the track.