rotate 90 degrees and resize?

ok, caveat: i am a complete kdenlive noob.

i have 3 .avi files shot on a dslr at 720x1280 that need to be rotated 90 degrees and resized so that they can be rendered to play in accordance with the laws of up and down. how do i do this?

i have searched the forums, and the google. i know how to rotate the frames, but the video still renders at 720x1280, instead of (the rotated) 1280x720. i do not know how to resize the images (or the .. canvas..?) to fit the rotated image. i need to render at 1280x720.

i'm sure this is easy. can anyone point me in the right direction ... please?


I have had to do similar to iPhone/ iPod footage when my camera people forget what way a TV sits on a desk.
I use the rotate and shear effect. Do a rotate X of 900 units (the units are in tenths of a degree).
And you can adjust the size with the same effect.

Weird how your file renders. Pay attention to the project profile you have loaded - is it 1280x720 ?