Kdenlive crashes during proxy generation, how do I resume or re-create proxy files that weren't complete?

Kdenlive has crashed on me in the middle of creating proxy files for over 100 video files. The reason for the crash is not because of kdenlive, but my OS. Now that I reopen the project, it shows that the files that were in the middle of creating proxy files are now complete, but they are not. Is there a way to "re-generate" proxy files without having to remove the file from the project and re-add it?

Thanks in advance

You don't mention what version of kdenlive you're using but if you open the project, make sure use proxies is on in the project settings and then select all clips in your Project Tree, RMB menu and tick all clips to use proxies, you should then see the job count go up and proxy creation continue.

Right click on your clip in your project tree, and choose "Clip Properties". (See Pic1)

Then find the button near the bottom that says "Delete Proxy". (See Pic2)

I should warn you, this has caused a crash for me a few times, so make sure you save first :)