Title Clip Editor

I'm using version 0.9.4 (and 0.9.5 from PPA sources) on a Ubuntu Studio 12.10 system. Aside from occasional non-destructive crashes I've had good results using the program, with the exception of the internal title clip editor. It consistently causes Kdenlive to freeze, especially if I try to select a font. I'm using the Gimp as a title editor, but I do wonder if it's something I'm doing wrong. Any suggestions?

Title editor works for me and I can change fonts with out it freezing. Open the title editor, type something into a text box. Change its font. Close the editor. Put the title on the time line. This all works.

But how do you mean you are using Gimp as a title editor? Is that relevant to what you are talking about here?

What are you trying to do?

I've had this problem as well particularly in 0.9.4.

I upgraded to 0.9.5 and had problems witch i think was related to the preview monitor. I'm not sure exactly what fixed it, i put my concurrent threads back to 1, and and cores back to 1, plus i changed the video driver to xvideo.

the problem seemed to go away after changing some options but im really not sure what fixed it.

I meant that I'm currently using Gimp as a title editor, as the internal one won't work for me. I've tried the internal editor several times without any luck on both my desktop and laptop machines.

Oh. I see. You create a title in Gimp and import it as a clip.

Have you tried bazsound suggestions ?

I did try one thing -- the default font seems to be Dejavu TTF, and if I type something with that font before trying to change the font or size the editor won't freeze Kdenlive. Now that I can get a font selection list I can see that I have way too many weird and obscure TTF fonts installed; perhaps generating that long list is a trial for the application. I did reduce the concurrent threads to one -- but who knows if that made a difference or not?

try using one of the daily builds

Im running ubuntu 12.10


this solved all my issues.

You just extract it to its own folder and run from within there, no need to install anything.

Larry_Ayers, I've had the exact same problem for a long while but I don't think the issue is with kdenlive, although a better way of displaying long lists of font's would be helpful, like collapsed lists of 'families' but even opening up Ubuntu's Font Viewer from the Accessories menu takes far too long to list the fonts and I can here the harddrive chewing through to generate the list, although Gnome's Font Manager is much faster to preview them. And looking in Synaptic there's a crazy long list of 'obscure' font libraries installed or available.

By running font-manager in a terminal and reloading the font list I see I have 1242 families of fonts installed. :-)

Running kdenlive via a terminal I see an error message stating "Fontconfig warning: "/etc/fonts/conf.d/50-user.conf", line 9: reading configurations from ~/.fonts.conf is deprecated."

Perhaps kdenlive should have an option to set a home font's folder specific to kdenlive.

Also from memory, as I stopped using the Ttile Clip Editor long ago was that I kept getting some error about DejaVu being an unsupported font and been replaced by another which seemed kind of dumb as I picked it from the list to start with. :-)