Affine causes very choppy preview playback

I know that previewing videos in realtime with effects is obviously not going to be smooth depending on the affect, but affine is terrible. Most other effects with render on the fly with a little jerking here and there, but affine is bad.

If you are putting tittle clips on and they have affine, if thats there its going to really slow down plaback, is this a bug? i cant imagine rendering a still image should be that taxing during playback. its definatly the affine thats doing it. Remove the affine and it playsback fine. I kow this because i had a title clip with an affine attached to it, but it was a title clip on its on with no other videos/images to attach the affine too, as soon as i removed the affine, it played fine.

Dissolves which i use alot, play pretty smoothly between clips with little jerkyness, even wipes playback surprisingly well.

I just had a project where i had 3 title clips, the first with a background colour and text, then another one which affine was used so that the background was trasparrent and the text comes up over the first image, then again with the 3rd title clip. By the time it got to the third overlayed tittle there was not much point in really keeping it playing.

This has been apparent in just aboiut every version of kdenlive. Im using a recent daily build and everything else seems to go fine, so its not a big problem its just annoying having it grind almost to a halt doing something that doesnt really seem to be that much.

Whats more, if you use a tittle overlayed onto a video, it plays the same as if it was overlayed just a picture.

also the same sluggish playback will hapen with a tittle clip in an empty project with the affine attached to it

I see the affine choppiness as well. However, it is on-the-fly rendering.

I've never seen any problems with the finished product.

the finished project is fine,

its not just dropping frames its causing controls within kdenlive to become unresponsive, so hitting stop takes a second to respond especially if youave have several tittle clips affined over each other.

Even when you have no video, just pictures, affine causes terrible previw playback