Strange problem rendering


I'm fighting an issue that just seemed to crop up.

I have to render a 240 x 144 video and have done it before with proper output.

This is made up of still images (like a slide show) and is for an LED large format sign.

The problem I am having is that in the preview window for the sign software the renedered video is showing wide black areas on the left and right.

Various sofware reports that the video is 240 x 144, and looking at previously rendered images that were done both with kdenlive and other software shows exactly the same details about the file. Those other images completely fill the preview window in the sign software as they should.

If I try to use the pan and zoom effect things appear to be clipped in the Project view in kdenlive so it doesn't appear to be the source material.

The project is the same as I have used previously, and is set for 240 x 144. Rendering is set for 1:1 (square) pixels.

Kdenlive version on Ubuntu 12.04

I'm trying to determine what may have changed. Possible a Ubuntu software update changed something that is impacting the rendering.

Has anyone seen something like this? Any suggestions on how to track the culprit down?



Hi again.

In the sign software is the image squeezed or is the software adding pillar boxing? What codec did you encode to and if you use a tool like media info or ffprobe (which will already be installed on your machine) what does it say about SAR, DAR & PAR.