New features proposal


First Kdenlive has really great features, not all of them work properly. I propose to add:

1. Somewhere close to the timeline the total length of a programm

When you prepare lets say a documentary for 52 minutes, you first make a raw cut of maybe 80 minutes length. When you start the fine edit, you cut out often, so the total length changes. At the moment you have to scroll to the end of the timeline to see what is the actual length after the cut. To save time, it would be nice to see the total length somewhere without the need to scroll to the end.

2. Transcode clip to AVI

As long as stabilising does not work for some of us, it would be good to have the option to transcode a clip to avi and stabilise it in Vdub.


Regarding your second request, avi is just a container that you put a code. in and you can create transcode profiles hopefully to do what you need.

I just added the project length in status bar, will be in next release.


I have tested the addition of the "project length on the status bar" change and it works well.