What's the best format to use for uploading to Youtube?

Can flv be uploaded to youtube. I have been tring and it's taking forever. Avi seems to be so much larger file size, wouldn't that take even longer to upload?

Youtube introduced HD a few days ago.
Use Kdenlive 0.7.1 as H.264 export is better.

You can refer to this document:

I added these two export profiles to SVN today:

  • Youtube 1290x720 2000k

f=mp4 hq=1 acodec=libfaac ab=128k ar=41100 vcodec=mpeg4 minrate=0 b=2000k size=1290x720 aspect=%dar mbd=2 trell=1 mv4=1

  • Youtube 640x480 800k

f=mp4 acodec=libmp3lame ab=128k ar=44100 vcodec=mpeg4 minrate=0 b=800k s=640x480 aspect=%dar mbd=2 trell=1 mv4=1

Please note:

  • H.264 PAR is broken. This is a known problem. When fixed I will switch back to H.264 for HD export.
  • It is recommended to create a project with the same resolution as the target export.

I hope that we can use this thread to tune Youtube export parameters.



I don't have a camcorder, so far I am downloading from other sites and playing around with Kdenlive. I took a wmv file and cult it down and then tried saving it as avi which seemed very big and then I tried mepg4. For some reason each time I saved it diffrently the picture becomes narrower, why is that?

Create a profile with the width x height of your files.

I've got 0.6.0 on Ubuntu 8.10 how do I upgrade to 0.7.1

Kdenlive 0.6.0 was written for KDE3 and then adapted to MLT. It is very buggy and unsupported. At least 100 bugs are there and you wron't get any support.

Kdenlive 0.7.x was designed written from scratch for KDE4 and MLT.

This is why we consider that Kdenlive 0.6 is outdated and should not be used. Sorry. Upgrade. Try to upgrade your computer to Jaunty. Myself under Debian I use unstable and I am not dying of it. Make sure you understand how to upgrade from one repos to another.

Ubuntu Jaunty

Kdenlive 0.7.0 packages are available in Ubuntu Jaunty. Ubuntu jaunty is in alpha stage and will be available only in April 2009.

Are you suggesting that I upgrade my ubuntu to an alpha in order to run the new kdenlive?

Contact Ubuntu maintainers and ask them advice. Ubuntu forums might be a good place to start learning GNU/Linux.