Moved audio after rendering

I add movie to project, next cut the movie to e.g. 8 parts, delete some of parts and move rest of parts to 'together'.
On preview i have good movie with sound, but after rendering project to movie the sound of each parts are moved ( more or less 1 second to early ). Only sound from first part is ok.
I try extract sound to wave, next add it as wave, mute original sound in movie, and cut move and wave in the same places -> the same efects.
Only i have this problem?


hi Daijvid, what version of kdenlive, MLT and Linux Distro version or mac?

0.9.6, ubuntu experminental version, i'm not sure but i think in 9.4 also.
Kubuntu 12.10.
Not always 'many' cut is needed, sometimes only cut begining of movie is enough.
MLT... i'll check it in home, but probably latest version from kubuntu repo ( release ).

mlt 0.8.9+git20130413

kdenlive 0.9.6 Linux Mint (latest version). Audio early about 1/2 second on render to vob, mpg, mp4. Same on Linux Mint 64 bit. Same on Ubuntu 12.04 (correction 12.10) kdenlive 0.9.4 (installed yesterday). However on Mint 64 bit (installed yesterday) render was perfect first time I ran kdenlive. Minutes later audio rendered out of sync as on other versions. I don't understand melt or mlt but it is almost as if an automatic update took place in melt or mlt. Have been splitting audio and moving audio approx 15 frames late (to the right) as work around.

And I need to donate to Kdenlive, I know, I know.

Rendering to mp4! is OK. Original file is capture from 8mm tape via powerdirector 720X480 8000 bitrate.

Solved: April 29, 2013. AVLinux 5.0, Kdenlive 0.8, MLT 0.7.3 renders perfect mpeg audio sync for my huge files 8000bitrate/256audio) captured from 2 hour Sony 8mm tapes and edited into smaller clips. (just ignore the rendering crashed warnings from 0.8 and look at the files with perfectly synced audio).

P.S. mp4 files, which looked and sounded OK in Linux Mint, were out of proportion in both Corel Movie Factory 7 and Cyberlink Power Director running in Windows 7, which is why I needed my Kdenlive edited clips rendered in mpeg.

This sounds the same as this

You two maybe should get together and generate a bug report in mantis