Proj. Clips get 100% longer with added blank half

I've hit a really bad problem. Lots of my clips (happen to be h264) that I loaded to a project, made proxies for, sorted into folders, and made sub-clips for, suddenly get longer than real length, by 100%, with the added length blank.

I think it happens when a project is reloaded.

The clips are usable, but all the sub-clips get thrown off completely. It's bad bad news after spending hours making sub-clips before building on the timeline.

Any one saw this happen? z:s


Try an older build of mlt and kdenlive to recover a backup file and save as new, that's saved me previously. Although not sure if it'll fix your current problem.

I found out that on such a clip that has added blank length, if I turn off the proxy, then turn it on again, the clip is restored to correct length. Phew! :-i

Can you reproduce this at will? Maybe you should start a bug report