Rendering is not working


I am using kdenlive since one month and I am facing a strange problem when rendering my video.
Sometimes the rendering operation seems to end correctly but the generated file is broken or sometimes the computer crashed before the end.

My movie is 5 minutes long which includes titles, movies and pictures with a lot of different extensions (.mts, .mov, .mpg, .mod, .wma, .flv, .png, .wma, .jpg, .mp4, .avi, .m4v, .wmv). I read a lot of forums on these problems, I tried to use kdenlive in root, I tried to avoid to use titles and I replace by Jpeg, I tried to avoid to use the 2 passes options. But I didn't fix the problem.

My melt version is 0.7.7 with Qt: 4.8.1, KDE platform 4.8;5 (4.8.5) and kdenlive
Linux version: 3.2.0-38-generic (buildd@akateko) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Ubuntu/linaro 4.6.3 -1 ubuntu5)) #61 ubuntu

Please if you have any ideas ....




Hi, I'd suggest updating kdenlive and melt to a more recent version, 0.9.6 kdenlive and 0.8.9 MLT are latest.

As you are using a Ubuntu version you can use sunabs 'stable' PPA,

Or a daily build from

Otherwise there are the build scripts:

Good Luck.

Thanks for the quick answer. I have now the version 0.9.6 for kdenlive and 0.8.8 for melt.
Rendering is now functionning !!! Thanks a lot !

However, I have still 3 problems:
- when I put several soundtracks in the same time, only one is workink in the rendering.
- My movies .MTS begin by a grey picture before putting the real video ...
- Sounds is sometimes bugging.

Any ideas ?



Hi Marie, sound problems may relate to using audio of different sample rates. This has been a recent problem.

Grey frames at beginning of .MTS files is to do with decoding, ffmpeg / libav support for AVCHD is a bit shaky. You could try using kdenlives remux options under menu item 'File' -> 'Transcode' to see if that helps without having to transcode.