Simple fade in/out video effect?


So I see there is a 'fade to black' option, but no video fade in/out option. I'm sure I'm missing something, because it's such a basic video editing feature.

The 'fade to black' is really awesome, it's cool how it fades a colour text clip to balck, but what if you want the whole clip to fade into the next clip? How does one achieve this?

Thanks in advance,

Hover the mouse over the edge of a clip in the time line overlapping another clip. A green, pulsing triangle will appear, click on it and a transition effect appears. Drag its side in order to lengthen it to your needs. That's all included in the online documentation.

Thanks for your reply,

I don't want to shorten or lengthen the clip, as it would seem your directions above achieve. I simply want to tell the end of a clip to fade out over top of another emerging clip.

Sorry if I'm missing something still, but I'd really like to get this sorted.


The lengthing is not changing clip length but the length of Overlap. Look on the userbase manual under transitions.