Music video in Paris + Color grading example

Here is the music video shot this summer in Paris for the song "Where is she ?" of the Omashay project:

It was shot with a Canon EOS 7D, and Kdenlive was used for both editing and color grading.

Here is a split screen comparing the raw footage and the final color corrected video:

it's cool( the montage is great, very pro rythm) but the color correction doesn't look at its best.
There are still some improvements to be made because it looks like there's too much of this( red ? in the balance, threshold, overexposure in the sunlight)) not enough of that.....( skin details get lost in the corrected version with a disturbing blur)
Maybe editing it with avidemux could help
Thank you.


Considering the wide variety of light sources (indoor: apartment, subway - outdoor: sun, blue sky, overcast sky, "urban canyon", under trees...) I think the color constancy is quite good.
And a slightly warm overall tone can be the author's creative choice?

In the before/after split screen I don't see much more skin detail on the "before" side. I can see that the skin is sometimes kind of bland, but not sure that its a fault of color correction - maybe it's already in the camera?
Anyway, I am using an ooold LCD picked from the dustbin, so it could be it's fault :-)

Also I do not find the amount of overexposure a problem - a few blown highlights, if not in the important subject areas, should be no problem.
Seeing that the "before" shots are mostly darker, it seems that the authors did take measures to prevent overexposure, but outdoors in direct sunlight, it is more or less impossible not to blow a highlight here or there.

If the edit seems great we surely have to credit the catchy tune of the music, and the diversity of shots. These surely helps reducing the repetitiveness of the video.

The color correction was a first. I never seriously used Kdenlive to tweak colors on a project. Until now.

I was worry of the final look because, as Marko point out, the footage was captured in all sorts of lighting conditions. It's hard to keep a consistent exposure between all these locations, especially with the tight latitude of a Canon 7D (even with a fine-tuned neutral color profile). There is lots of improvements to be made in this area.

My friend Robin did all the color correction, and for him too it was a first. The goal wasn't to apply a strong color style. Color grading was more or less a technical tool, to keep the exposure for jumping from shot to shot. Robin invested lots of time in this project and the result exceeded our expectations. The final video is fairly consistent and the cut between scenes is smooth compared to the raw footage.

We still have to learn as individual and as a team. But from my point of view, the project is a huge success.

Thanks for all your insightful comments ! I'm thrilled with the reactions triggered by our work. And I just learned the "urban canyon" term, which just makes sense now ! ;)

The "behind the scenes" video of the shooting has just been released:

Here is a video of me operating a Glidecam HD-2000 for this music video:

This was so nice...
If you live in France, you could make a documentary about Paris and publish it on ...
keep doing great videos (=