Audio mixer panel

Hi, this is my first time on this forum. I'm italian and I hope you can understand my english. :)
I'm a professional video editor from more than 15 years. I worked mostly on Avid, Premiere and FCP.
I'm following your project from long time and I'm very impressed for this last year releases .
I think that Kdenlive could be really become a professional piece of software in the next future.
The greatest lack there was in the audio features but after you enabled the audio scrubbing feature Kdenlive now is more close to a professional users.
One thing I feel still miss is an audio mixer panel and I hadn't find any announce or request for this feature in all your site.
I'm not a programmer but I saw that there is a good simple mixer panel in the opensource GPL application called QTractor written in C++ on Qt4 as Kdenlive is.
Do you think is possible to have something usable similar to this in futurre releases of Kdenlive?

Massimo Stella.

This sounds promising. But I know nothing about Kdenlive development. But you could post this as a feature request on the mantis bug tracker.