Video is pixelated after rendering

The problem im having is that, before the video is rendered, the video is fine and in HD. Yet, after I render it, it becomes pixelated, enough to see, but not in 720p that I rendered it out to be. I rendered it in Openshot, to see if it was the actual video. It rendered out fine in 720p. Any help would be appericated. Thanks :D


What settings do you use when rendering?

I've scaled quite a few 1080p material to 720p with very nice results with the following settings:
- Profile: Video-file, H.264
- Scale: 1280x720
- Bitrate Video: 4000

I don't really mess around with the settings that much, mostly because the default settings are fine for me. Yet, while im rendering and editing it in 720p, it looks fine in the Clip Monitor. Yet it renders out to be like 360p. If you need me to post my settings, just tell me which ones and ill do so. If you want to see what it looks like before and after renders, just ask and ill upload those as well.

What is the resolution of your source video? You write HD, is it 1080p or 720p? Does your project profile matche the resolution of your video clip(s)? And what is the actual resolution of the rendered video, is it 1280x720? If so, then your bitrate is too low, so you may have to mess around with the settings.
Depending on what target/player you want to play your video, you should choose the format and codec and video and audio bitrates, apply scaling if needed.

If you upload your videos, I'll give it a try and have a look.

It's 720p at 1280x720. I fixed it using what you said. I wonder though, why it wouldn't render like that with the Youtube HD 1280x720 renderer. Thanks for the resoultion :D.

Nice the issue is solved.
The YouTube 1280x720 profile uses mpeg4 with just 2000k bitrate, that is a bit low and indeed, the quality is not nice.
YouTube recommends H.264 and even 5000 Kbit/s for 720p, so I think the profile in kdenlive should be updated.