Wrong Clips being rendered

I imported a Clip and created a film out of it. I have cut away some scenes. The scenes I used for the film are located in the First video track on the timeline. I deleted the other tracks and clip fragments i didn't need.

So when i play this film in the timeline, it works fine, but when I render it, it seems that the scenes I have cut away are being rendered an not the actual project. It's inverted.

Pretty strange.

Does anybody has the same problem?

Source material is from a Rollei Youngstar Actioncamera, and I'm exporting to 720p HDV.
Which logs are useful to append?



hi hihu, problem sounds familiar but since bug fixed, what version of kdenlive & MLT are you using and what distro?

Thanks for your reply

I'm using version 0.9.6 from the packman repository for openSUSE 12.3.

Hope that helps

Should it be fixed?
Because I don't want to create whole project again. Consumed some hours of my life.


Hi, what version of MLT are you using? If you type melt -version in a terminal it will tell you, also what ffmpeg version? Type ffmpeg in terminal for that one. Hopefully your problem is due to old MLT version. Otherwise try a newer build of kdenlive+MLT if you can.

>>Does anybody has the same problem?

Yes. I had EXACTLY this problem just last night. My problem was that my cuts were either fast forwarded (playing too fast) or that what got rendered wasn't the cut I selected at all, it was some other random part of the clip.

Solution? I just upgraded to the latest, greatest FFMpeg.

I have libmlt 0.8.8-8.1

and ffmpeg 1.0.6-1.1


Kdenlive version is 0.9.6-2.18

and I used more than one title clip to describe the scenes.

Hope that helps