Website info


As you have probably noticed, the website was recently upgraded because we were experiencing issues with the server.

Some parts of the website are currently not working, we will try to restore everything when time permits.

In the near future, we are going to move the forums to KDE's infrastructure, which will provide us a better service and less management worries.

Later (before releasing the beta 1.0 versions of Kdenlive), we will probably also move to KDE's bugtracker.

Thanks for your patience.

So what version of Drupal are we on now? This looks like it might be version 7

It is ver 7.22


i don't find the daily version of D Dennedy that you run on ubuntu without installing ...



I talk about developement version ..


Thanks, I restored the correct download page. Development version is here:

You first have to log in and then those links of the development version are visible ;-)

Nice the new L&F. I think the notification for new posts to subscribed topics is still not working (I think it is not only me who is affected), but I guess that is resolved once the forum moves to the KDE infrastructure.

Your camcorder database appears to be unhappy. Might want to look at that in your Copious Spare Time.