USE THE BUG TRACKER! Developers will no longer help you here.

We have a new bugtracker for Kdenlive that should make it easier to follow issues.
So please now use it for reporting bugs.


Maybe this part of the forum should be closed? People keep posting bug reports in here and I fear they're not being properly seen or addressed by the devs...

just an idea.

Good question, I'm a FC10 user that is completely hosed by bug 684 and/or 688;  Where do I go to "share" my pain? Personally I'd prefer that the drupal login was enough to discuss and promote bug priority but I'm comfortable with mantis too.

I saw your HF100 camcorder. Could you add the FC10 to the database too ? There are plans to migrate bugs to Drupal bug system, but it was not ported (yet) to Drupal 6. When available, we will test and qualify Drupal Bug management system, without being sure to migrate. 

This being said, always register your bugs on Mantis.

When and If a solution exists on Drupal, we will use it. But not right now.