close bug reports forums section?


i'm finally coming back (in a week or two... my pc is being repaired) to developing and bug hunting
i was going through the forums to answer some message, and thought: why not completely remove the bug reports section, replacing it with a link to mantis? it's not so easy to follow both, and users are naturally more attracted by the forums section, which are easier for them, but really painful for bug tracking...

Hi xzhayon!

Great to hear about your PC.

I agree completely about the bug section. Should be removed.


hi mads! i had answered to you privately, i think you missed my message. anyway i'm getting back my laptop on tuesday!

jmpoure and/or website admins: please, consider closing the bugs section! i've just taken an help request that usually would go in mantis... i have to do that because we have this section, but it's more difficult to handle it here!

I run several forums, including one with 600.000+ messages. Deleting the bug report section will not stop people from reporting bugs or asking for support. Do what you whish. This will be a test. I doupt it can work.

i know that help requests won't stop, but at least we'd be able to redirect them to mantis without further messages

I agree that bug reporting should be centralized in Mantis.
Sadly, there is currently no way to lock a forum, so I think the only way is to delete the bug report section.

I will do it in the next days if nobody is against it.

should i post a message in active threads to let people move their requests to mantis?

Hmmm. I think I am against closing the bug reports section. I think it is a useful place for people to discuss *potential* bugs before they report it on Mantis.

Things like "do you get this error when ...?"


"yeah I get that but it's because you are doing this wrong ..."

and "I just tried that too and I don't get it- what version are you using?"

"oh I am on ver 0.7.0 - I guess it is fixed in 0.9.2"


"yeah. That's definitely a bug - you should report it on Mantis"

It's a good idea to discuss potential bugs here, just make it clear to all that bugs must be reported in Mantis to have developer attention. Then the developers doesn't have to check bugs in two places.