Kdenlive 0.7.4 released

Kdenlive 0.7.4 is now released.

Main changes

  • Compatibility with the new 0.4.x versions of MLT
  • Rendering jobs now start one after another instead of all together
  • Rewritten DVD wizard, allowing for chapters, several buttons in menu and easy preview
  • Start of a transcoding feature, allowing to easily convert a clip in another format
  • New icon for Kdenlive by Alberto Villa
  • Lots of bug fixes (see full list) and small other improvements


With this new release, we encourage all users to participate to the project by using our different services: bug tracker, forum, content sharing, etc.

We also want to launch a new icon contest. Several users expressed the fact that a film strip as icon is a bit outdated for a digital video application, so we would like to open a contest, more on that soon.

We also would like to ask for help in the translation department, so if you feel like giving some help to translate Kdenlive, please contact us.

Get Kdenlive

You can download Kdenlive source code from our Sourceforge page, and see the compilation instructions. As usual, binary packages should be available soon from your distribution, check our binary packages for infos.

Kdenlive uses the MLT framework for all video processing. You need MLT >= 0.4.0.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to that release by testing, giving feedback and providing patches.

Jean-Baptiste Mardelle


Hi all

If you want to build this using the wizard, please download the new version (0.9.90) from http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Kdenlive+Builder+Wizard?content...

Earlier versions of the wizard are *not* able to build Kdenlive 0.7.4.

My apologies for not releasing earlier.

Thanks for another great release. The building with the Wizard was even easier this time and the little additions all around are very pleasant!

Although I missed the right day and I noticed it today, you made my day guys..

Many thanks! Kdenlive is really impressive and it has nearly anything I need.

Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks :-D