Navigation dropdown menus

Could you have the navigation menus at this site autohide when mouse leaves them?
Or even better have them only to drop down on mouse click?

I often happen to move my cursor over them, obscuring what I'm currently reading and I have to click somewhere else on the page to hide them.
Quite irritating I must say...

+1, this bugs me too...

On which browser(s)? The menus *do* autohide on Konqueror 4.2.4 and Firefox 3.0.10. No bug here.

Firefox 3.0.10 on Ubuntu 9.10, 64-bit. But it has been this way as long as I've visited this forum, so at least since 8.04.

they autohide just fine for me too.... the problem is that they pop up in the first place.

most of the active buttons for a drupal node are located immediately below the dropdown menubar. if i shoot the mouse pointer up to click an edit tab or on the breadcrumbs or something, a small overshoot means that i hit the menu bar instead, so this huge menu pops up over top of what i was aiming for, and i have to mouse away and wait a second or two for it to bugger off.

would be much friendlier if the menu were "click to open" as the OP suggested.

Ok, you are right, they are autohiding but it takes a few seconds. Guess I've run out of patience before that until now...

But it would be nice if they only appear when clicked.

Drupal theme was updated recently. Unfortunately, we are running in low memory and until this memory problem is not fixed, we cannot really update Drupal. There are a lot of good things coming after this PHP memory problem is fixed!