Howto create a torrent tracker to speed-up downloading live DVDs and USB key of Kdenlive

Dear friends,

When I look at the downloading speed of DVD and USB keys of Kdenlive, I see:

Current Time: Sunday, 05-Jul-2009 23:24:34 CEST
Restart Time: Thursday, 04-Jun-2009 10:40:51 CEST
Parent Server Generation: 3
Server uptime: 31 days 12 hours 43 minutes 42 seconds
Total accesses: 4217 - Total Traffic: 631.8 GB
CPU Usage: u1.66 s7.97 cu0 cs0 - .000353% CPU load
.00155 requests/sec - 243.2 kB/second - 153.4 MB/request
13 requests currently being processed, 5 idle workers

It means that downloading is rather slow, 18 Kb/second.
Downloading is from all over the world.

So the only way to speed up downloading is to use a protocol like bittorrent.
I have no idea how to register or use Bittorrent.
In fact, I never used the bittorent protocol.

Can anyone explain me how to create a bittorent meta file and announce it on an open tracker (or use our own tracker).
It does not need to be multiuser or encrypted as this is completely legal free software.

If possible, I would prefer our own tracker to make sure only our live DVDs and USB keys are broadcasted.


You might also consider uploading them to