Broken link


I'm a windows user so i generally prefer using a livecd to test linux programs.
I had download some livecd (artistx, apodio ...) but each time, the livecd contained an old version of Kdenlive.
And i think it's always hard to non linux users to install a new package with a livecd.
Your link to download your livecd seems broken.
Have you an alternate site / solution to download?
I'm very interesting to test this program.

Thank's in advance!

It's already down for months... and nobody really seems to care... ;-)

I have purchased Sony Vegas Premium Software for editing video clips. But the learning curve for Sony Vegas is steep. I want to try out this software before I build this from the source file in my "ancient" fedora core 3 server. Unfortunately the link to this is no longer working.

Does anyone know of an alternate site from where we can get this ?

I am ready to provide server space and bandwidth for this.