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Up to date Kdenlive packages for a stable Mandriva release are provided by community Mandriva repository - MIB (Mandriva Italia Backports). - project homepage, mix of English and Italian. - wiki page including how to add repository to urpmi in English. - direct repository URL, check kdenlive package

Official Mandriva repositories contains Kdenlive, but usually older versions. They release with fresh new version but they have a bad habit of not updating it after distribution release. It is a common problem with most linux distributions, you have to rely on community for new versions of not-so-core applications.

Cooker always contains an up to date Kdenlive version but Cooker is a developer version and is not intended for general public so users are be better off with MIB backported version.

Eagerly awaiting Kdenlive 0.8 - Seems it will be available for our Mandriva 2011 - Pre-compiled systems any day/week now. Yay!

Just finished a project in .7.7.1 - All hail Kdenlive developers. I salute you!!

EDIT: Mandriva 2011 with kdenlive 0.8 incorporated, has a final 'planned' release date set for 29/08/2011 :(