Old film filter effects

I'm working on an old film effect filter for kdenlive or better mlt framework.

Anyone who has any ideas or wants to help testing or coding is welcome.

patch can be send for interested.

I am not able to help you for coding, but I can test every plugin you want!

I'm Running Mandriva 2008.0 on a x86_64 arch with Kde on dual Screen...

the last svn from mlt includes the first version from the filters

i added the xml files for use in kdelive to svn

so update mlt and kdenlive from svn to test.

i'd be glad to hear some things to make it better ;)


It's two years, but maybe not too late...

I was using this effect, and thought about some additions.
Apart from the nonuniform shutter and jerky transport, that you have already done, maybe you could consider some of these:

- VISIBLE FILM GATE just a blackish unsharp border with roundish corners, maybe with additional vignetting

- SCRATCHES ON FILM varying thin vertical lines, brighter or darker, appearing for a few seconds or more, sometimes stable, sometimes twitching a bit left-right, or even wandering

- DIRT STUCK ON FILM mostly curly hair, but also blotches of varying sizes/shapes and fingerprints, everything appearing only for a single frame. Of course, the shapes should not repeat too much, as not to be obviously fake... A library of external "dirt" images?

- DIRT STUCK TO THE FILM GATE a hair, appearing for a second or two, stuck to the upper side, wildly twitching (because of film motion), and then disappearing (if you want to exaggerate, a mosquito shape :-)

- UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT a bit like the nonuniform shutter that you have already implemented, but varies the brighness in a smoother way, timewise. Also nonuniform bightness/contrast across the frame.

- FADED COLOR just emulate some old color photos from the 50's and 60's...

some of them are still in.

Visable File gate could be made also as filter.
DIRT STUCK TO THE FILM GATE ? what exact do you mean ?

dirt on film, and scratchlines can be found also under filters.
Uneven developent could be worth to take a look.

if i have some spare time, i'll take a look at this.

thx for your hints

Dirt stuck to the film gate:

in contrast to the dirt on film, which only shows up for one frame, dirt stuck on the film gate can persist a few seconds, until the advancing film takes it with it, or until the operator blows into the projector... It is always on the sides of the frame (stuck to film gate, in the middle of the frame it has nothing to stick to). Usually it moves in random ways, as the moving film brushes against it. Most often it has the form of a curly hair.

To be exact, this is not a feature of film age, but of lazy film projector operator, who did not clean the projector...