0.76 LiveCd

I see from
'The live DVD and USB versions are currently unavailable due to a provider issue. We hope to resolve that issue in the next days / weeks, sorry for the inconvenience... '

that Live DVD - USB may still be down.

You have made such great improvements in version 0.76 that I wish you could provide a current debian version with 0.76 installed. I'm running on Karmic - 32bit on an AMD64 and I would really like to try 64bit and 0.76 via Live USB.

It would be great!

I have got the same issue than Aung last November.
The live CD is so good, that I wanted immediately to replace my Karmic (crashing KDEnlive all the time) by this stable Debian version.
The HD install offered only to install the base Debian, without any GUI and without that great programm.
Could you please have a look?


I will try to build new CD asap.
Kdenlive is part of Debian SID.

You yet not found time?