Create a link in the wiki

Hi all,

I want to start documenting kdenlive in Spanish and I'd like to create a link in the English wiki book to this translation. Questions are:

How to create this link ? (I know there are some created to german, french, ...)
Is it possible to copy the english book to the new language in order to make it easy to translate ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

When you create a page on the Spanish Wikibooks, you add the intewiki links to the bottom of every page:

(this in an example from Kdenlive page)

now if you add it to the spanish wiki be sure to put in the link to the english version: [[en:Kdenlive]]

if you just made the spanish page, be sure to put the link to spanish version like so: [[es:Kdenlive]]

it's better for you not to leave untranslated text on the page as you can copy it again next time you start translating...