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Kdenlive is constantly looking for contributors:

  • Developers.
  • Translators.
  • Documentation writers.
  • Tutorial makers.
  • Bug reporters.


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Vivo en México y estoy por poner mi propia empresa dedicada al software libre (instalación y configuración). Tengo pensado donar una cierta cantidad del dinero a cada programa instalado o configurado. En el caso de software de edición de video recomendaré Kdenlive a mis clientes.

De momento somos pocos los que empezaremos con la empresa y la contribución que podremos hacer será sólo monetaria, (no hay tiempo para hacer alguna otra contribución) pero con el tiempo espero podamos contribuir más.

Para que esto sea posible necesito saber si hay alguna cuenta de banco al que pueda hacer una transferencia cada que se acumule X cantidad de dinero. De no existir habría alguna otra forma de hacer llegar el dinero de forma segura?

Gracias por la atención
Lucio Chávez
PD: traté de contactarte directamente pero salió un error y no pude


I live in Mexico, i'm starting a bussines dedicated to free software (instalation and configuration). I'm planning to donate some money to any program installed or configurated (i mean to the project). In the video edition case i'll recommend Kdenlive to my clients.

At the moment we are just a few persons in the bussines and we can only contribute with money, (there's no time for any other contribution) but some day ( i hope) will contribute more.

To make this possible i need to know if theres any bank account to make a bank transfer each time X amount of money is acumulated. If it doesn't exists is there another way to make the money come to you securely?

Thanks for the attention and sorry for my english, my native language is spanish

Lucio Chávez

PS: i tried to contact you directly but some error emerged in the website.

I started working on the Jack Transport support,
check last post of http://www.kdenlive.org/forum/mission-jack-support-kdenlive-ubuntu-lucid...

I'll be happy to contribute on this (Jack Transport), but I'll also need some help from you
(mostly because I'm a python dev, and my C++ is crappy).

Dear kdenlive team!

I would like to join as a developer.

I am a software developer with C/C++ skills and with some experience with video processing.

I am also an amateur movie maker since 2004. Since then, I had developed my own video editing system, which contained:
* mencoder hacked by myself, with some add-ons useful in movie editing, like:
- brightness/contrast/gamma curves
- selective colour correction (quite advanced - see below)
- white balance
- keyframe-based crop
- matte compositing (as in
- dissolve transition
- motion tracking (rather primitive)
* avisplit and avimerge
* avidemux2
* sox
* some simple command-line programs, e.g. for minor wav modifications like fading, and hacked avisplit which duplicated or decimated frames, to change speed of a clip
* a python script, which glued all above together. It took a table-like text file, which contained information for each clip:
- source avi file
- beginning/end frame number (and speed, if applicable)
- mencoder filters, which has to be applied for that clip

This solution worked for me. However, it was not very user-friendly; in the first place, it lacked a GUI (writing GUI was a daunting task for me). Moreover, it was kludgy in nature, mainly because of mencoder limitations. Mencoder was not designed to handle more than one track at once, so implementing such things as transitions or matte compositing required some weird workarounds (dumping frames to temporary files, etc.).

According to my selective colour correction: it was a filter, which could do different operations on hue and saturation on different colors. It could, for example, saturate all greens and blues without saturating reds and yellows; it could therefore greatly beautify the sky and plants, but not make faces red. It could also change hue of selected colour without affecting others, for example make all yellows green - very useful for making shots in autumn and making them look like it was summer (and leaves on trees still green). And it was trivial to make a sin-city-like imagery, i.e. b&w with one selected colour left.

Two years ago I discontinued that project, however, I hope I could contribute some of my past work to kdenlive/melt and, having experience, write more.

If you are interested in amateur movie making, please watch my last movie edited with that system:


I'm new to kdenlive, I have just installed it, and I'm exploring its features.

What I miss most (so far) is a lack of histograms and curves and inability to composite over a fuzzy mask (maybe I just don't know how to do it).

Some effects seems to be not actually working. For example, blue screen, mask0mate and transparency don't work for me, they just leave the clip unchanged. Others, like equaliz0r, apparently do something with the image, but have no control panel - no knobs, no slides, no drop-downs, just an empty panel. Is this because they are unfinished yet, or I did something wrong?

Kind regards,
Grzegorz Borowiak

I haven't had time to take a look into your movie yet but your description, especially for the color correction, is quite promising and developers are always welcome.
However if you want to port one of the plugins (of course one that is not yet available) be aware that Kdenlive uses the MLT framework, which takes care of the effects.
MLT also uses the frei0r effect API:

And regarding your issue with to the blue screen and transparency effects: Make sure you use them together with a composite transition.
Also some effects do not have a control panel (including equaliz0r).

Just a suggestion.

I want to compile Kdenlive. After installing a bazillion packages I could not get it to work.

Making the process more automated and simpler would allow devs to more easily get involved with the sourcecode instead of losing interest through frustration.

What packages are you talking about?
If you just want to compile Kdenlive you only need some of the packages listed here: http://kdenlive.org/user-manual/downloading-and-installing-kdenlive/inst... (most of them are for ffmpeg)

With Ubuntu the "apt-get build-dep kdenlive" works I think (same for MLT and Frei0r). And the compilation instructions on the site are quite clear as well.

Compiling is always a bit of a problem anyway with all big applications.

If you have a problem you should give the specific details about it (error messages ? installed packages ? etc.)

well after a long time i eventually got it to compile.

Since I have kdenlive, mlt and ffmpeg already installed and mlt+ffmpeg are used by other applications I did not install the source to my /usr/. so I install mlt to a local folder on ~ since svn kdenlive requires the newer version.

cannot find how to point kdenlive to that mlt version. I ask on irc and get some vague responses- someone pastes a page of environment variables I have to set. I do those and compile kdenlive- i notice in the linking its linking against /usr/ anyway...whatever. I install this to a special directory on home also.

run kdenlive. click through the settings init wizard. after kdenlive just seg faults. give up.

I worked on several big projects >100k lines of code but this is silly- the readme/install has no info on switches or local install. there's no hand holding for setting up a compile.

I want to start hacking code not admin my computer and mess with switches/installing packages. I want to maybe write the odd plugin or two, see how MLT works or mess with kdenlive code. but it's incredibly frustrating to waste lots of time trying to setup all this when you just want to check it out.

so you're probably scaring off a lot of outliers like me who might've got suckered into contributing kdenlive more and more and end up doing heavy dev work.

I can not help with your problem but I suggest asking this question on our developer mailing-list. Hopefully someone can help you there.

I wanna help but I don't think I'm geeky enough.

I took a 3 credit hr class in college on C, forgot most of that though.

I am a pro-am video production specialist though. I can shoot, engineer, and edit. Not to the highest of standards but I can cut some mustard.

I've got three handheld cameras, no ENG types. Mini-DV(Sony), AVCHD (Canon) - full HD even, and the retired VHS. I've got a laptop running Ubuntu and a desktop I can put a capture card in (NTSC/ATSC) and at least run a live disk on it, might could find a "spare" hard drive and do a full install if needed.

Let me know if I can help. I'm guessing I'd be a bug reporter or whatever. Let me know. I wanna see some Linux NLE kickin' butt and takin' names.

Bug reporting is always helpful, especially if we can reproduce them ;) If you feel like learning C++, why not wait for a bug that does not sound too complicated and that you would like to work on. But as written in the initial post we are also happy with video tutorials, good feature requests, people helping to answer questions in the forums, and so on :)

I can provide long-term provide simplified Chinese translation.
Though my English is not good... ╮(╯_╰)╭
But I'm doing that! (^_~)-☆
Now, 0.7.8 simplified Chinese translation has been completed, I have already announced in Ubuntu Chinese BBS, we are in the debug.
About on March 1 May submit the translation of document.

I would like to be a contributor, but not as a programmer, but as a tester. I want to improve the softwares ease of use by giving feedbacks and suggestions...


I have been trying to figure out how to make video tutorials using kdenlive for the past couple of days. I have the basic process pretty much figured out. The problem I'm stuck on is that when I render the tests, except for one time, the result is blurry enough that I think it is unacceptable. I am using ubuntu 11.04. I have three desktop recorders, and I have been trying multitudes of settings trying to duplicate my one success. I will attach the successful file in case it is helpful. (Guess not, wrong file type.) I'd be happy to make some video tutorials if I can figure out how. I could also report bugs I guess. I tried once, and the bug reporter said that it could not find error files to install or something. I have a little background in computer programming, having first started around 1973. I am not really a programmer, though. I have been using Linux since red hat 5.something, and I have mostly been able to figure out the sys admin stuff.


If you think you can corner a bug please report it in our bugtracker.

I could make some video tutorials.

Hi , I'm a Perl guy , I do a lot of different stuff on Linux platforms mostly Web related some video. if there's some way I can contribute , let me know , I really enjoy using Kdenlive. Great project.