Sorry for shouting but the spam in this forum is getting really, really annoying!

I'm leaving, won't post anything until you do something about the spam.

I can only delete the spam as I come across it. I can not administer the software to apply any drupal updates, if any, that might help. Is this a general problem with drupal sites?

Is this a general problem with drupal sites?

I run a reasonably large Drupal forum (which was on vBulletin prior to converting) and maintain four Drupal modules; this problem is not limited to Drupal sites. You can use tools, ban IP addresses and ranges, ban users and such but really the only way to deal with spam on a forum is with a group of active moderators.

Although applying software updates will not fix the spam problems you're having, you're using an older version of Drupal and there have been security releases since the version you're running, j-b-m really should upgrade the site (or give you enough control to do it).

Might also be worth looking at: which includes Akismet, the anti-spam protection shipped with Wordpress by default. I see you already have CAPTCHA protection, which should help a lot.

Ok, I'm back.
Now that you've given a group of users right to delete spam hopefully it will no longer be a problem here.

Thank you.

Spam is getting bad again. Should have a zero tolerance policy. Spam once and your off.

Todays offenders are
ttteedys520 1 post joined today
Sheral354 2 posts joined 07/24/2012
Ktuchey 2 posts joined 07/25/2012
tianshang 1 post joined today

Did we try and upgrade the spam protection?

Can I have spam deletion rights?

I totally agree. When I logged in this morning, I think there were only two Kdenlive related posts showing on the list.

It's soooooooo darn annoying!

>Should have a zero tolerance policy. Spam once and your off.

I agree.

We can *never* get rid of the spam 100%, but we can fight it! ;)