How to translate Kdenlive

Since november 2011, Kdenlive has moved to the KDE infrastructure. It means that all our translations are now managed by the KDE translation teams. If you want to help translating Kdenlive in your language, the first thing to do is to get in touch with the KDE localization team:

There is a team for each language and you can get infos here.

After that, we recommand using the Lokalize tool which was designed to make KDE translations easier. Here is a quick howto, but please Don't forget to contact the translation team for your language so that the work is not done twice.

  • In Lokalize, go to Project > New project wizard. Select "Translate application interface" as in the screenshot

  • Select "Get from svn repository" and chose your language, then the folder where the translation files will be downloaded, as in screenshot. This will download all translation files for KDE and is rather big (about 20Mb).

  • After a few minutes (be patient - it takes a while after downloading to build indexes), you will see the different translations appear, and can select Kdenlive which is in Messages > extragear-multimedia

  • You can then start translating, and send your work back to the translation team

If you have questions, you can always contect the Kdenlive developers on the Kdenlive mailing list


E: Ok, it's clear now.

Im trying to translate this thing to swedish but im a screwup at patching and gtranslator is messing with me. Just want to make sure im not doing something someone have already done or are doing, can you sign me up for the swedish translation?

Hello everyone, I hope you can help can be useful for the whole community!!

I have been informed that I download the language pack on my language and reviewed, I now test my translation in the application. How do it?

My language is en, gave a good revised with the help of the program gtranslator, and now would like to test is in my translation kdenlive. How do it?

I have the translated file extension *po

I'll be back later to see the answer!!

Thank you

Hello everyone!
I'm a new member in the community, I want to translate the programs into Arabic and Persian.

Hello good afternoon!
Recently I was working on a new translation of Kdenlive for my language (pt_BR), now would be available in the po * with the new translation for others, may have translated your program.

Already registered at SOUCERFORGE.

How do I send the translation to you?


I will try to translate into Norwegian. How do I sign me up for this?

-David Petterson

I'm up for doing the Esperanto translation.

I'd like to help with russian translation.

Hey everybody – Please drop us a message on the mailing list for translations. Thanks!