How to write Kdenlive manual


Kdenlive is a long term project and it took 20 years to build Free Tools in video. We have the goal to produce a very accurate and complete documentation on Kdenlive and video editing in general. But this will be done step by step, writing documentation during months. Don't expect immediate results.

The Kdenlive manual has moved to the KDE userbase Wiki ( If you want to contribute then create an account on that wiki and edit away.


Kdenlive manual is written in simplified English and then translated into several languages.  The KDE userbase wiki is built with translation in mind.

  • Write short sentences, with a single idea.
  • When writing the user manual, do not use pronouns like "I", "We" or "You".
    Avoid: You can select Open in the File menu
    Write: Select Open in File menu
  • The sentence should be translatable as a whole, without context. Never use indefinite words, like "it". A translator will not understand what is "it".
    Avoid: It provides several features.
    Write: Kdenlive provides several features.
  • It is recommended to translate English source text into your mother tongue. Being able to translate the text means that the sentence is clear and simple enough.

Don't criticize, discuss, write and fix

The management rules for writing documentation are simple:

  • There is no hierarchy. Anyone is free to write. We welcome your help.
  • We love makers and doers. The first member who gets things do wins.
  • Use the user manual as a wiki. If you are adding content to the wiki, you may write directly and then advocate your additions on the forum.  On the converse, for any reorganization or important issues, try to discuss first using the forum.
  • Try to organize yourselves in small teams. But whenever things take longer than expected, do it yourself and avoid complicated organisations.
  • Book content belongs to anyone. Anyone with good writing skills should be able to modify anyone's content. In this sense, we non-English speakers must accept that native speakers correct our writing.
  • On the converse writing poor technical English should not stop you from writing. Some native speaker may correct afterwards.

Writing documentation forum

Do not use chat systems. Use the forum for any discussion. Whenever you agree on the forum, there is more commitment than a simple chat with no trace.