Kdenlive 0.8 information page

This page describes the version 0.8 of Kdenlive that was released on the 26th of April 2011.

Illustrated new features

New effect for creating masks using cubic Bézier curves and keyframes.
Corners GUI
Easy perspective image alignment.
Also explains our new effects GUI!
Widget Layouts
Layouts can be saved and restored, and optimized for specific tasks.
No flooding with widgets anymore!
Light Graffiti
Long-time exposure … but for video!
The first Light Graffiti effect that is not kept secret and is available for everybody …
Audio Spectrum and Spectrogram
Audio Monitoring has arrived in kdenlive! Including detection of overmodulation.
I and Q lines for the Vectorscope
Flesh tone lines for the Vectorscope.
Help you with color grading.
Stop Motion capture
A new widget allows you to easily do Stop Motion capture,
capturing frames from your webcam or HDMI Decklink card.

Bugs and features in the bug tracker