FreeBSD ports and packages

FreeBSD offers Kdenlive through the ports collection. Unfortunately, FireWire and Webcam capture aren't supported yet; we hope to get them soon! You can track the status of the ports: MLT and Kdenlive.

How to install

Kdenlive depends on FFmpeg to manage your multimedia files. FreeBSD ships with two flavours of this software: stable and development snapshot. Kdenlive dependency defaults to the first one (multimedia/ffmpeg), but you're invited to install multimedia/ffmpeg-devel in place of it. If (and only if) you're using portupgrade, you need to specify the alternate dependency in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf (ALT_PKGDEP), or you will get a conflict; this is one of the reasons which made me choose not to depend on the development port (every other port is depending on multimedia/ffmpeg at the moment), but things could change in the future.
Often, users complain about missing codecs while importing or exporting video and audio files: this depends on FFmpeg being installed without support for them. On FreeBSD it's rather easy to overcome this problem: just build FFmpeg from the ports, and remember that the more options you enable in the port configuration, the more codecs you'll be able to work with.
Consider yourself advised against using a package: with the default options you won't even get MP3 support.

Now you simply have to launch Kdenlive installation. You can choose between ports and packages.

Install from ports

This is the recommended way, since you can always get the latest version in the tree:

  1. upgrade your ports tree (click here for instructions);
  2. check /usr/ports/UPDATING for eventual instructions related to MLT or Kdenlive;
  3. # cd /usr/ports/multimedia/kdenlive && make install clean or # portupgrade -N kdenlive or # portmaster multimedia/kdenlive or # portmanager multimedia/kdenlive.

Install from packages

If you want to avoid building Kdenlive and all its dependencies, you can use packages. You won't always get the latest version (here's a list of the available packages):

# pkg_add -r kdenlive or # portupgrade -NPP kdenlive or # portmaster -PP multimedia/kdenlive.

Mix ports and packages

With portupgrade or portmaster you can use both ports and packages to install the latest version of the applications:

  1. # cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portupgrade or # cd /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portmaster;
  2. # make install clean;
  3. # portupgrade -NP kdenlive or # portmaster -P multimedia/kdenlive.

Portupgrade, or portmaster, respectively, will install packages if they are up to date, otherwise it will build from the ports.