OpenSUSE packages

Kdenlive is available as a packaged rpm prepared by the Packman packagers. It can be installed via One-click install (once there click on the "1 click install" link on the right) or via YaST, if one first adds packman to one's repositories. For guidance on how to setup one's repositories, go here and per the instructions for one's openSUSE version, add OSS, NON-OSS, Main Update, and Packman.

Once the repository is setup then install kdenlive either via yast, or install kdenlive via a command line with root permissions, by typing:

zypper install kdenlive

On OpenSUSE 11.1, a user recommanded to proceed like this after adding Packman:

yast --install kde4-kdenlive
yast --install mlt
yast --install ffmpeg
yast --install recordmydesktop