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Kdenlive 19.04.1 released

The Kdenlive team is happy to announce the first minor release of the 19.04 series fixing 39 bugs. The feedback by the community as well as the effort put in reporting issues has been very helpful and we encourage to keep it up. We expect to finish...

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First Café post Refactoring

The first Kdenlive Café after the release of the refactored code will be held this Tuesday 7th of May at 9PM CEST. We will dedicate the first slot of the meeting to listen to the community's reaction and answer any doubts or issues you might have. As usual we'll be at...

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Kdenlive 19.04 released

We are happy and proud to announce the release of Kdenlive 19.04 refactored edition concluding a 3 year cycle in which more than 60% of the code base was changed with +144,000 lines of code added and +74,000 lines of code removed. This is our biggest...

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Sprint 2019 in Lyon

Day 1The sprint started with a brainstorming session on how to move forward with the refactoring version, since we had already decided to merge the code with the master branch. The result was a list of tasks that we would work on in the following days:Fix...

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Time to merge!

After many delays, we finally think the Timeline Refactoring branch is ready for production. This means that in the next days major changes will land in Kdenlive's git Master branch scheduled for the KDE Applications 19.04 release. A message to...

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Inside Kdenlive: How to fuzz a complex GUI application?

Introduction and approach Fuzz-testing, also called Fuzzing, is an essential tool inside the tool-box of software developers and testers. The idea is simple yet effective: simply throw a huge amount of random test inputs at the target program, until you manage to get...

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