Video editing made easy

Kdenlive offers a complete solution from capturing, editing to publishing videos:

Only four steps are required to edit a film:

First step: capture video from any source Plug-in your DV or HDV camera using a firewire cable. Rewind, seach and play your tape. View interactive results using the record monitor :

Alternatively, you can also:

  •  Extract media from USB stick / hard drive camcorders.
  •  Record your desktop computer.
  •  Record directly to computer from a video source.

Second Step: manage your media

kdenlive allows to manage your media in a project tree.

Organize your media using folders and comments:

Watch each media individually in a clip monitor: 

Mix several types of media : DV, mpeg2, mpeg4, h264, images, etc ... without conversion, easily.

Third step: drag and drop on the timeline

To edit the final film, you only need to drag and drop media from the project tree to the timeline:

Guides and markers help you organize your timeline.

It is possible to search the timeline, parsing clips, guides and markers names.


Copy & paste support for clips, effects and transitions: Watch your work in real time in a project monitor.

Fourth Step: publish your work to any media

When editing is finished, render and export the film:


Export to any formats supported by FFmpeg: mpeg, avi, dv, flash, mov, ... Export to Internet websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo and Youtube using presets. Export to mpeg2 to author DVDs. High quality files: mpeg4, h264, etc ...

Full undo support in case of problem.

Launch an export job and continue working on your project:

Taxonomy upgrade extras:


Thanks for this information. I really needed this for my project works. I searched everywhere but the results were not satisfactory. But here i found the solution and i will try this for sure. Hope it will help me to complete my project.