0.7.4 on Suse 11.1, MLT missing

Just installed kdenlive for the first time. From the Packman repository everything came smoothly, installed a number of additional packages from Yast.

When starting kdenlive for the first time, it complained it didn't find an MLT directory somewhere under /usr/bin, then complained MLT wasn't installed. So I looked it up in Yast and found that some libmlt things were installed, but not MLT itself. I had Yast install it too, and kdenlive had no more problems.

That much to inform you about my first impression...


You can contact the packager Toni Graffy directly. As far as I know he's usually pretty up to date with the packman kdenlive one-click-installer so a bugfix should be implemented soon.

Just click his name on the packman kdenlive page.

Open a konsole, and type 'melt' followed by Enter. Does it find it? If not, search the package database for melt.

Yep, you maybe got me somewhat wrong: I did install it afterwards, and kdenlive is running now. I just meant that melt isn't installed by default by the packager.



Ok, I mailed him my text.