I noticed that some people are using 0.7.7 is there a way to get it or any word/ball park guess as to when kdenlive 0.7.7 will be released?

version 0.7.7 is not ready yet.

But the latest (in development) code reports as 0.7.7 (just for compatibility, I think)

It's like using 0.7.7 Alpha/Beta

I plan to release Kdenlive 0.7.7 in the first days of February. I am now concentrating on bug fixes, and we will enter string freeze around the 25th of January, so that the translators have one week to finish their work.


Thank you so much!

I ask because I have an edit half way done... but it is proving too difficult to work with some of the bugs in 0.7.6

I tried to down grade to 0.7.5 but I can not load the files anymore as they are from a newer version it says.

So holding off until February is ok. I have other stuff to worry about anyways.

Cheers and good luck.

Hi j-b-m. How far are you away from the 0.7.7 release now? I'm desperate to finish off some editing. I like others am finding compiling the latest SVN with builder now fails.

If that possible to test some of new alpha / beta versions, now?

We are now in string freeze, so that the translators can finish their job, and I will concentrate on some of the remaining bugs. Release is planned for the 9th of february.

@Dalgo: I don't have enough time to prepare beta packages, but the Builder Wizard (check download menu) should allow you to test the current devel version... Otherwise, I could prepare a tar.gz of the sources if you are ready to compile...


Just in time for KDE 4.4! Awesome.... will there be dependencies on KDE 4.4?

j-b-m, last time I tried, which was last week, compiling with the builder wizard no longer works. As I am a non C++ programmer,I'm at a loss as to why I can't get it to compile manually, even after I follow the inconsistent instructions on various places on the website. I posted my issue on the forum, but nobody has replied.

Will be kdenlive 0.7.7 working under KDE 4.4.0 again? Because with 0.7.6 its now broken after the upgrade.

It will.
0.7.6 has some problems with Qt 4.6 which are fixed in 0.7.7

I hope on a release soon - sadly the svn-version is unstable whenever i try to amend a title-clip. All the other problems are already fixed with the svn-version (with movin clips etc)